Frequently Asked Questions

  • Residential students pick up letters at the mail window. Mail window hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

    Please note that students may pick up parcels anytime at the lockers during James V. Carmichael Student Center hours.

  • Students that do not live in housing or are about to graduate can have their mail forwarded for a period of three months. Only First-Class mail can be forwarded. In order to have mail forwarded to a new address, please complete the mail forwarding form

    Packages currently cannot be forwarded. If a package should come in for a student who is not living on campus, please contact Talon Express to make arrangements to have the package picked up.

  • Talon Express accepts packages from all major carriers, Amazon and incoming mail from the United States Postal Service. When a package arrives on campus, it is taken to the James V. Carmichael Student Center to be placed in a parcel locker or shelved for pickup at our service counter. The student is emailed instructions on how to retrieve the package. Packages not picked up within 15 days must be returned to sender. We will not apply the 15-day window during semester breaks and holidays.

  • Electronic parcel lockers are a safe, convenient way to deliver packages for students living on campus. Once a package is placed in the locker, two access codes are emailed to the recipient. Walk up to the kiosk at the lockers, enter the PIN, and the locker will automatically pop open so the package can be retrieved. KSU has parcel lockers in the James V. Carmichael Student Center in Kennesaw and the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center in Marietta. Packages can be retrieved any time the student center is open. 

    Please note: The email may not be in your Microsoft Outlook inbox. If you are expecting a package but do not see an email, please check the “Other” box in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Talon Card (KSU ID card) is required to pick up an item.

  • Talon Express offers most of the services that a regular post office perform including First-Class, Priority and Express mail. We also offer UPS shipping, supplies, and a drop off location for UPS and FedEx.  

  • Talon Express accepts cash, credit/debit and KCash as forms of payment.


    Kennesaw Campus:

    Full Name
    KSU ID Number
    1000 Chastain Road
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

    Marietta Campus:

    Full Name
    KSU ID Number
    1100 South Marietta Parkway
    Marietta, GA 30060


  • Students that do not live on campus should not have mail nor packages sent to Talon Express. 
  • Yes, faculty and staff are more than welcome to take advantage of Talon Express' on-campus shipping services. 
  • We sell hundreds of supplies at Talon Express for shipping and art needs. Overall, we sell paper, pens, pencils, paint, shipping tape, shipping boxes, etc. 
  • Pop Up Shops are temporary stores that sell specialty items. They typically stay up for no more than two weeks. 
  • Please fill out our Print Request Form. To view printing prices, please see our Talon Express Price List.